Our hotel is an intimate facility with spacious rooms,
corridors and staircases, enabling the maintenance of safe distances between guests and staff.
Beautiful hotel garden, is the perfect place to relax in comfortable conditions
while maintaining a sense of privacy and security.


After the departure of guests, the rooms are cleaned and disinfected with professional disinfectants.
The current cleaning of the rooms takes place only at the Guest's request while they are not in the room.
Bed linen and towels are washed at a temperature of min. 60oC with the addition of detergent.
Hand disinfection gels are available in the common areas.
In front of the entrance to the Hotel, there is information about the maximum number of guests who can stay in the common areas.
Reception desk, door handles, elevator, handrails, handles and public toilets are disinfected every hour.

The wine cellar and the summer garden are available to everyone with the recommended safety rules.
Dishes and drinks are served at the tables by the service - room service
for Hotel Guests on request.
All dishes and cutlery are scalded after washing.
Meals are prepared with the recommended precautions.


The hotel staff has been trained in safety rules and how to deal with health hazards
Guest service is equipped with protective masks and disposable gloves
The reception is equipped with insulating screens
Welcome to a smile - no handshake.
We encourage you to maintain safe distances in direct contacts.